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A selfie before the Boudhnath Stupa Those black rectangles contain prayer wheels A selfie on the path that circumambulates the Boudhanath Stupa My guide was going overboard taking several selfies of me Boudhabath is considered one of the most imposing landmarks in Kathmandu Boudhanath is considered the centre of Tibetan Buddhism Yet another selfie- enough already! I liked the way my guide was catching me unawares all through the trip Trying to get a shot, sadly there were people obscuring the deity inside I finally gave up as the people inside were too much into their prayers I tried to make one more attempt- but soon gave up A small piazza just behind the Boudhanath stupa Feeding the pigeons just behind the Boudhanath stupa Another candid of me- I am beginning to love this! There was a lull in people working those prayer wheels Shooting into the by lanes near Boudhnath The side streets radiating out of Boudhnath were interesting too It was hard to believe that this is just next to the busy Boudhanath square The imposing Boudhnath Stupa in Kathmandu,Nepal Nepalese garments on sale near the Boudhnath stupa I liked the old style buildings circling the Boudhnath stupa I was aghast to see a Nepali film song dancers on the stupa walls The Boudhnath Stupa was on the ancient trade route from Tibet Thangka paintings seem more commercial here in Kathmandu Another selfie near the store selling Thangka paintings Prayers were in full swing in this small shrine just outside the Boudhanath walls It was quite interesting to walk around the Boudhanath stupa Yet another Thangka painting shop near Boudhanath A final shot of Boudhanath and the prayer wheels in the foreground The Bouddanath stupa looks quite similar to Swayambhunath
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