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Village Life IITA team meets with Borno Commissioner of Health IITA donates “Seeds of Renaissance” to Borno State Governor of Borno welcomes IITA Team to the State Donation of “Seeds of Renaissance” by IITA Donation of “Seeds of Renaissance” by IITA Water supply in the 21st century Schoolboys Soil Patterns The Sand Storm All North Nigeria eHealth Africa residential areas Borno Pharmacy IMG_6320 # 14 - another Summer in Scandinavia Corner of Newgate Street IMG_0861 Passing Borno's IMG_0860 Corna di San Fermo - 2329mt (Altopiano del Sole, Val Camonica, Lombardia) come Pollyanna un calice di vino una valanga di sassi luce e ombra CO 1069-66-69 A world unseen We took a backroad in my car To fish a fish Look at me Turn right Listen to the sound of the world and watch it turn This boots are made for walking Barefoot
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