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Delicious dishes

Used wheelbarrows for sale

Mutton fat

Xabxab ('ap'ap)

Street sellers in Borama

Shops in Borama

Garbage everywhere in Borama

Goats roaming in the street

Someone's building plot

Toyota 4WD in the street of Borama

Camel in Borama

Street vendors in Borama

Water tank (and little child hiding behind) in Borama

Open sewage in the street

Tuktuk in Borama

Camel in the streets of Borama

Roaming goat

Roaming goat

Goat perched on a car

Porter pushing his wheelbarrow

Borama market

A tuktuk stop in Borama

Nightmarish vision

A foretaste of Hell on Earth

Borama town center

home made pastries


Charcoal sellers

Goat shed in Borama

Masha Allaah Money Exchange, Borama

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