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OtagoPeninsula173 OtagoPeninsula178 Oldschool library in Greece Oldschool library in Greece (Flip 2019) Bibliothek der alten Schule in Athen Holzinterior und rustikale Sitzgelegenheiten mit grünen Pflanzen im Hans im Glück Restaurant Öffentliche Bücherei zum Tauschen und Mitnehmen auf einem Regalbrett an einem grünen Gartenzaun im spanischen Barceloneta Park in Barcelona Junee. Monte Cristo House built in 1884. Part of the dining room which is full of antiques and history. This house is known for being a haunted house as so many deaths have occured in it. Junee. Monte Cristo House was built in 1884 for C Crawley. Fine cast iron lacework of Australian ferns on the veranda. Bricks were baked on the property. Tumut. Modern version of a rose window on the west wall. This is in the Tumut Anglican Church built in 1878. Hall of modern Philological Library Now It Matches HEARTS Mazzali living MYDAY living to be continued Bookcase finished Kelly's bookcase Bookcase constructed Bookcase, waiting for lights Cleaned areas Reading has to be done wearing wellingtons 2019 (Day 75 - 16th March): Hardy and friends Wallington Hall Ercol oct 2018 - 122 oct 2018 - 123 Bedroom bookcase: December 2018 Living Room: Dec 2018 Homeostatic
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