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Bombs Away

Bombs Away

I used to imagine the revolution with all the originality of a bad action film. Overwrought James Cameron or Jerry Bruckheimer boilerplate bullshit where you replace the giant fighting robots with kids pelting capitalist oppression with paving stones.

The barricades. The tear gas. The dragging of the rich old white men by their collars into the streets.

But that vision had a problem. The script seemed to cast a whole lot of men.

Men throwing the tear gas back at the riot cops. Men burning the McMansions. Men pushing the desks out the windows of faceless corporate offices. Men – without recognizing the irony – somehow overthrowing the patriarchy. It's a tired script with a lot of senseless destruction and plot holes.

And that's why my hope for next month is this script gets a much-needed reboot. That this boiling hot rage I see from so many women becomes the burn-it-all-down-and-dance-on-the-ashes moment this country desperately needs.

A new and improved script. A much better cast.

Bombs away.

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Photo prise le 9 octobre 2018 (© withayou / Flickr)

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