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Shakura S'Aida @ Sierre Blues Festival John Mayall@Tuscany Hall Sugaray Rayford @ Sierre Blues Myles Kennedy at Baltimore Soundstage The Jazz Funeral souvenir shop sign at the French Quarter D01_1900 Emporium Gig 12 Bar Club_016 Mr. Sipp Swiss Crossroads Festival Tavonna Miller D81_2918 IM2_7068 IM2_6881 IM2_4953 IM2_4954 Tavonna Miller D81_9380 Z-Star @ Couleur Café D01_7417 D01_7433 Johnny Gallagher and the Boxtie Band @ Sierre Blues Festival Chubby Buddy @  Swiss Blues Challenge Pascal Geiser @ Swiss Blues Challenge David Velasco Leo Bud Welch @ Blues Rules The Shady Ladies sing at Sweetwater _MG_3933.jpg Vintage Trouble@49. Heineken Jazzaldia D8E_2437-1 810_2200-1 Intsikurmu 140 Ricky King Russell and the Bluecats @ BAG Thursday
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