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Festival of Lights - Berlin Victory Column Tanjung Rimau A foggy and cold morning on the Nisqually—September 2012 You wonder if it's real Stuck in a dream Blue Hour at Nature Park Blue Hour Bridge Frankfurt: Bankenviertel Frankfurt: Bankenviertel Calm Water Blaue Stunde an der Binnenalster in Hamburg/Blue hour at the Inner Alster in Hamburg/在汉堡内阿尔斯特的蓝色小时/الساعة الزرقاء في إنر ألستر في هامبورغ Tower Bridge Crescent over morning traffic Going up... Under the Bay Bridge Barcode at sunset From a tale Blue Hour Ending Blue Hour Hora azul en el faro / Blue hour at the lighthouse Under the bridge in Canary Wharf Blue Moon over Nowton Moon at blue hour SanLiTun twilite-0628.jpg You won’t cry for my absence, I know Blue Hour Crescent Beach Blues Solo sul lago - Alone at the Lake
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 night, blue, longexposure, sunset, dusk, sky, lights, reflection, city, twilight
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