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DSC_0245 DSC_0233 180920_Barossa_Valley_4015.jpg 180920_Barossa_Valley_4007.jpg 0220ex Birthday bouquet---Coolpix P1000  **Explore** 3309ex Ngorongoro Crater from the rim beauty everywhere 180917_Kangaroo_Island_3956.jpg 180917_Kangaroo_Island_3939.jpg 180913_Mount_Annan_7570.jpg One-night beauty - Beauté d'une nuit “The old that is strong does not wither 💦 Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” —J.R.R. Tolkien 🌺 Phygelius. Cape Figwort “You can't stop my voice cause / You don't own my life but / Do what you want with my body / (Do what you want) with my body” ―Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera 🌺 “Write what you want / Say what you want ‘bout me / If you wanna know that I’m not sorry ‍/ Do what you want / What you want with my body / What you want with my body” ―Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera 180919_Kangaroo_Island_to_Barossa_3982.jpg 180917_Kangaroo_Island_7846.jpg 180916_Kangaroo_Island_7707.jpg 180916_Kangaroo_Island_7672.jpg 180913_Mount_Annan_7614.jpg 180913_Mount_Annan_7580.jpg Cactus Blooms 2018 Nahaufnahme im Garten. Unscharfer Hintergrund Echinopsis Dream of pink flowers Under the Umbrella “Ten days of perfect tunes 🎶 The colors red and blue” ―The Knife 🌸 Lantana DSC_0501 Echoes of summer
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