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Plankton blooms in the Falkland Current east of the Argentinian coast. Original from NASA. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. Cemetery Roses 1120ex nectar time! Poinciana blooms for December-1= Aloe 0966e2 Cleome Mums 1177e2 Gloriosa daisy 0981ex  grasshopper on the move 1835ex  tickled pink 2316ex2 November dahlia 1863ex  still blooming...... Coneflowers 1113ex2 choices 0957ex red sunflower 1233e  grape Nehi, anyone? 1380e  summer weather comes to an end 1074ex Sunflower center details Coyote Mint I Poinciana blooms for December-2= Forsythia Hot House Mix Asters Asters Lone Wolf Elegant Bloom Floral paradise Spoon Mums October Blooms Grocery store flowers
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