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Wood Duck - Delta, BC Blogger of the month - February 2019 Bald Eagle - Delta, BC Canada Jay 2 - Manning Park, BC Snow Buntings - Tsawwassen, BC Anna's Hummingbird - Murrayville, BC Because every picture tells a story.... Cape May Warbler - Abbotsford, BC Those who say it can not be done, shouldn’t interrupt those doing it. Bushtit Virginia Creeper- Vancouver, BC Blogger of the month - January 2019 Fieldfare - Salmon Arm, BC Cerridwens Cauldron Blogger aplication Everyone has their favourite. Lijiang Street We got your back. White-throated Sparrow - Vancouver, BC Great Blue Heron - Vancouver, BC Harris' Sparrow - Vancouver, BC We live it. Rusty Blackbird - Burnaby, BC Black-footed Albatross - Take Off- Tofino, BC Semipalmated Plover - Long Beach, BC Herring Gull - Tofino, BC Canada Jay - Manning Park, BC Caucasian Woman™, Served Like Emma Frost Bravery has no place where it can avail nothing. Black and White Warbler - Vancouver, BC Palm Warbler - Richmond, BC Wilson's Phalarope Female - Robert Lake, BC
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