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1_DSC6031 So...What Did You Do Today Snowfall Snowpiercer Point-Saint-Charles Whiteout (Montreal) The forest sky. Alone in front of the white landscape Nature is right The man is left Adam's Mark (Buffalo Grand) Hotel Morning after blizzard Frozen car windshield Garbage bin covered with a thick layer of snow Mini-movie: Major snow storm across 1/3 of the U.S. and Canada I go home. Snow hell. Whiteout Rue saint-patrick whiteout Blizzard 3-19 5 March 2019 Colorado Blizzard-3065 March 2019 Colorado Blizzard-3063 Winter Refuses to Go Quietly DSCF7450.jpg DSCF7449.jpg Overwatch Widowmaker Figma Overwatch Widowmaker Figma Overwatch Widowmaker Figma Snow Capped Pipes (Montreal) snow plow - winter 2019 Staying frosty. Polar Bear! Polar Bear!
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