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Event Horizon at the Science Festival 015

Event Horizon at the Science Festival 015

Each month the Edinburgh-based science fiction journal Shoreline of Infinity holds a cracking evening called Event Horizon, which features readings of short stories and poetry, music and often drama and other guest performances.

Normally it takes place in Frankenstein's on George IV Bridge, but in April it becomes part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. This year it mixed science and science fiction, with readings by the likes of top Scots SF writer Ken MacLeod and science from several academics, including a welcome return visit by Rachel Armstrong, music by Reverse Engineer and an amazing short drama by the Infinitesimals (which mixed live actors with pre-recorded pieces and projected art). Terrific evening.

More info on Shoreline of Infinity can be found on their website www.shorelineofinfinity.com and the Science Fest is here www.sciencefestival.co.uk/

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Photo taken @ Edinburgh on 11 April 2019 (© byronv2 / Flickr)

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