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Profile Aerating (B/W) DR150504_003D 6_DSC0674 4_DSC6962 1A7_DSC5913 Vicky, Congleton, November 1994 Other unknown lands Follow the path Thursday, 21st, My family IMG_2924 18drf0164 18drd0550 16dra0191 celestial dome and fe celestial dome, fe and sol Back to the land, where the sunshine heals my soul Street Paris #3 Marching Neon City DRD161102_0514 DRD160405_0721 DR150904_0622D Sur le Pont des Arts Orbit in Overalls Orbit in Overalls DSC04701 DR150412_0425M 6_DSC0027 4_DSC5874 1A7_DSC5903
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 bw, portrait, street, people, city, urban, tree, girl, nature, architecture
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