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Prickly, peppery and irascible.

Prickly, peppery and irascible.

Recent research states that more men suffer from ‘Grumpy Old Man’ syndrome when they hit 70. There are good reasons to believe this to be the case. Seventy is an age when men may become more aware of their own mortality as they see friends and loved ones pass on. They might be struggling with wearisome health problems, and/or feel depressed because they have no aspirations or goals left to attain. ‘Grumpy Old Man’ syndrome is also and most likely due to the fact that testosterone levels in a 70-year-old are quite probably half the normal levels of a younger man.

Whereas women’s estrogen levels drop relatively suddenly when they go through menopause, causing a variety of noticeable symptoms, men’s testosterone levels drop gradually over a period of time so the symptoms are not as obvious.

Men who suffer from this syndrome may experience a sense of feeling burned out, increased depression, increased irritability, increased anxiety, more nervousness, more joint complaints, reduced mental effectiveness, increased sweating, (and hot sweats in thirty per cent of those affected). They may have a need for more sleep or suffer sleep disturbances. They may notice muscular weakness, physical exhaustion, impaired

Well reaserch is all well and good but I have been a "grumpy old bu***r" for ages and have not reached 70 - - - wonder what I will be like then.

I think its more to do with reching an age when you realise that (for most of us) nothing we do realy matters; corporate enhancement, powerful job, wise and respected in our field. No when you are old the youngsters coming up think you are a relic from the past and of no value. (Note : youngsters think you are old at 45).

So what is to be done ? Well for one thing stop worrying about it; let the youngsters carry the load, relax and enjoy being grumpy.

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Photo prise @ Shaldon le 18 mai 2018 (© Neil. Moralee / Flickr)

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