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It's a mugs game.

It's a mugs game.

Portraiture? It’s a mug’s game

Why do most portraits say zero about the sitter? Rod Liddle goes in search of some insight

June 26 2004, 1:00am, The Times

Every so often, Britain indulges in its national pastime of ridiculing the Duke of Edinburgh by getting someone who thinks the man’s an idiot to paint his portrait. The chosen artist turns up at the Palace, takes a couple of snapshots of the recalcitrant, grumbling and put-upon Phil — and then goes away and gleefully paints something spiteful or insulting or hideous or, most usually, all three. And we have a good laugh about it while the Royals seethe with indignation or maybe boredom, who knows? The last painting of Phil made him look like the crotchety and desiccated inmate of a secure, long-term, mental institution. Which I suppose in some ways he is.

Candid street shot, Weston-super-Mare.

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Photo prise @ Weston-Super-Mare le 28 avril 2018 (© Neil. Moralee / Flickr)

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