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Andromeda again... ;-)

..stairway to Heaven..

to the top floor

it's art they say

Allan Gardens Conservatory ~ Toronto Ont - Canada - Botanical Gardens

Over the rainbow -[ HMM ]-

fun, fun, fun

remember the cold?

Behind the window

Finger in the nose

The streets of Szeged

It's a matter of trust.



concrete compulsion

Essence of Benni

art and the city

I feel like stripes today.

modernist’s daydream

REVOLWERS (185/365)

sudden snow

...and then this guy came along

Stadtbibliothek - Stuttgart, Germany - Architecture photography


Culture as a driver for urban identity

The lady, the dog and... Mao

Mangledwurzels, Cider and Brunel.

..cloudy morning over the Throne Hall..

The secret fan

let's get some meat

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