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Black saddlebags  (Tramea lacerata) Mojak yawning a lady Cloudless sulphur on red zinnia Cloudless sulphur in purple petunias - yesterday A nice portrait of Mojak Mojak with tilted head Black Bear - Meadow lake, BC Bear posing next to the tree Elk eating fir Cloudless sulphur @ Gibbs Gardens Close bear, exploring An elk eating some fir branches, again Spare Tires Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) Last cheetah picture Gigantic Tyres A cheetah approaching Another mara portrait Profile of the caracal Last portrit of Zumba Lioness A majestic lion Another nice portrait of Zumba Twelve-spotted skimmer - males are back! Garfield stretching Chicago Ilinois - Printers Row - Ghost Sign - Home Federal Savings  - Eating Out A portrait of Garfield... Twelve-spotted skimmers - return!  (Libellula pulchella) Big Fish
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