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Forbidden palace

Ancient lock - old town, Beijing

Summer Palace - 颐和园, Beijing

Summer Palace

Bell and Drum Towers, Beijing

Summer Palace

Friends in Beijing


SD meeting with President of China Xi Jinping

Portrait, Summer Palace, Beijing


Wisteria sinensis

Malus spectabilis

Malus spectabilis

Malus spectabilis

Lotus lane, Beihai lake, Beijing

Forbidden Palace - Beijing, China

Cité interdite

Shortly after take off from Zurich en route to Beijing.

Orychophragmus violaceus

Concubine quarters within the Forbidden Palace

Great Wall

Walking the Great Wall

Walking the Great Wall

Resting on The Great Wall of China

Peach flower

Willow inverted in the moat

Miniature Great Wall

Prunus mume

Prunus mume

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