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What is wrong with today's world... the invisible beggar IMG_7972 BILLY IN THE BOWL - BILLY DAVIS [FIRST DAY USING A SONY 85mm GM LENS]-139132 0A77m2_DSC1708 0A77m2_DSC1698 17dra0109 Young beggar DRD160813_0148 2a7_DSC1298 0A7_DSC1706 DR150609_231D DR150412_0053M 8_dsc0223 I hear plastic! 4_dsc4938 3_dsc7306 dr150511_139d dr150511_440d dr151004_0289d DR160302_0216D DR151004_0126D DR151004_1099D Dark days and darker nights. 7_DSC8282 DR150904_0415D 7_DSC9010 DRD160605_0104 Space Kadet Glow Saint Martin of Tours cutting his cloak
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 street, poor, homeless, poverty, people, bw, man, woman, begging, old
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