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Female Polar Bear, Tsuyoshi of Yokohama Zoological Gardens : ズーラシアのホッキョクグマ(ツヨシ) Polar Bear The nose knows Wojtek the bear 07 It's a bear! Or a really amazing piece of art brought to #otherworld. This guy was made with a jigsaw in a tiny #Vancouver apartment and was so majestic. Loved the variety of #art at this #burningman regional. #camping #beach #Canada #vancouverisland #wan Bears Polar bear looking upwards Bear Time 02 Partners Grizzly Bear Benni and the Bear Cub Akram Angel Glacier Angel Glacier under Mt Edith Cavell. Angel Glacier from Cavell Meadows Trail. Black Bear 1 - 0 Berries Bear Falls You ok there? out of hiding Pittsburgh Zoo 08-24-2011 - Black Bear 1 Trying to beat the heat at the Bronx Zoo Nuka and Talini Black Bear & her 3 cubs. Best friends. 🐨🐻🐼. Hyundai bear Brown bear Getting her toes wet
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