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Hendersonville Bears 3 234A0369.jpg “Who says life is fair, where is that written?” ―William Goldman 🐻 black bear- Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center -  Girdwood Portage Alaska Hettie The Heritage Bear - The Big Sleuth - Church Street Square Dorothy of Wizard Of Oz Bear & Smokey 3 Badwater Basin at Death Valley, CA Grizzly Bear - Memphis Zoo Pasted paper by Polar Bear [Lyon, France] Father and son sitting with a teddy bear DSC_0128 Bear with Toothbrush Roosevelt at the Lake, no tan lines. Safety Sterling Mine Ditch Trail TARGET BATBEAR 2 My best friend and her violoncello NYPD black bear 3 Bear Para una bebé, colgante para cuna. Philadelphia Image taken from page 237 of 'Yachting in the Arctic Seas, or, notes of five voyages ... in the neighbourhood of Spitzbergen and Novaya Zembya ... Edited and illustrated by W. Livesay' Image taken from page 9 of 'Cupid's Revenge ... [A tragedy, in five acts, and in prose and verse.] By J. F. [and F. Beaumont.]' Big Green Garage Sale Bärenhöhle Tree Hugger HDR with bear in it me blue denim utilikilt and black Jacobite shirt 003
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