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Biscuits ?

Biscuits ?

For 'MacroMondays' theme of 'Hobby.

Amused myself with various hobbies over the years.
I perhaps started with 'train spotting' but something associated with 'stamps' came at a very early age encouraged by an Aunt who collected.

Stamps are all very well if you want something similar or just like another collector has. Finding something with stamps on that has gone through the post can be more rewarding.

Sometimes the wrapping paper can be more interesting than what it was wrapping - especially 60 years on!

This is part of the wrapping paper round a tin of biscuits sent on 25th April 1958 from Basel, Switzerland to Mr J.Wagner in Newark on Trent, England.
In the top left corner is a declaration in 4 languages that this is a 'Sample without value'. However the green Customs label shows a value of SF4 and the weight of 300g.
From the address label it would seem that the senders M & F Wagner had arranged for the sending while visiting the display of Lekerli-Huss Ltd of Basel at the Swiss Trade Fair held in the city from 12-22nd April. The firm added the special commemorative vignette issued, and overprinted specifically for their Stand 6333 in Exhibition Hall 19.
The package was Registered, hence the crayon blue lines.
Postage SF1.40 was paid and in this case using 6 stamps one of which was issued for the 75th Anniversary of the formation of the Salvation Army.
Not the complete story - I don't know the reason for the typed 500g on the address label - I can guess but ....
I can't imagine either that there is another piece of wrapping paper just like this! I have seen similar pieces sent in 1958 by the same firm, and one or two with other dates. There can't be too many about - after all this was over 60 years ago.
Much more interesting than just sticking stamps in a book!

Panasonic Lumix LF1 ........................................................... a 3" square.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise le 13 janvier 2019 (© jesse1dog / Flickr)

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