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IMG_8001 Cruel Irony on Emancipation Avenue? 1806161426 Cruel Irony on Emancipation Avenue? 1806161433 Rugby Field Politician's Dream Feather Up Close Barb Gatekeeper untitled (67 of 67) Mitch, Barb Mitch, Abbe, Jake, Emily, Marva, Lauren Mitch, Barb, Kim, Lauren, Jake, Emily, Marva Barb & Ram Lamb Jr. Highlights and lowlights. Christmas Cookies Wire Fence Barb Barb Barb Teasel and Barb Wire Auschwitz I (Stammlager) (15) Auschwitz I (Stammlager) (83) Cinnabar caterpillar. Background with rusty barbed wire Parapholis incurva flowerhead7 CWS Parapholis incurva plant7 CWS WI Family Christmas Barbed Wire Blow-out Helpers open door
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 wire, fence, barbed, barbedwire, rust, barbwire, macro, bokeh, sky, blue
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