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Somaliland, 2012

Somaliland, 2012

Direct Relief's Senior Program Manager, Lindsey Pollaczek with Community Midwife, Sado.

Sado was part of the first class of graduates from the Edna Adan University Hospital training program for Community Midwives. When asked why she decided to become a Community Midwife, Sado said it was the lack of trained health providers in her community that made her interested in this work.

Sado says she is happy that she has chosen this profession, yet she also recognizes the many challenges that midwives face working in a remote area like this, with limited resources: “Sometimes when we can’t help a woman we feel like running away. When we don’t have the equipment or means we feel very bad. But if we run away, there will be no one, and so we stay, and we do what we can.”

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Photo taken on 13 September 2012 (© Direct_Relief / Flickr)

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