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Somaliland, 2012

Somaliland, 2012

Edna Adan and a Community Midwife, Sado, at the Baligubadle Maternal and Child Health Center. Often health centers have unreliable electricity making a headlamp an indispensable tool in performing deliveries at night.

Until now there have been few or no health providers that can provide high quality care during pregnancy, delivery, and in the days and weeks after birth in these remote Maternal and Child Health Centers. Having a trained Community Midwife present in every village in Somaliland is part of Edna Adan's vision to reduce maternal and newborn mortality across the country.

The Direct Relief Midwife Kit, one of 40 donated to Edna Adan Hospital to be distributed to the Community Midwives that are practicing in similar areas throughout Somaliland, contains essential delivery instruments, basic diagnostic equipment and medical supplies to help a midwives put their training to use.


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Photo taken on 13 September 2012 (© Direct_Relief / Flickr)

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