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I was testing the zoom capabilities with a couple of humble rock doves The zoom of the Nikon P900 was surprisingly good A beautifully wooded tea stop on the way to Sheki A Chinese tourist eyes me suspiciously as I try to get her into the frame The reflections on the protective plexi-glass were rather bugging I was really fascinated by those prehistoric skeletons! The road curves sharply to the left We have reached the ancient village of Lahic A major water filling point in Lahic ancient village Lunch hour- there was no one inside the workshop Though dingy, the hamman/ bath house does look fairly spacious Video- the blacksmith and his assistant hard at work Niva- the 4WD vesrion of the Lada My guide had a spot of trouble getting in due to his bermudas This museum near the Khansarai was once an Albanian  church The church is now used as a museum This Caravansarai was the largest among the five on the ancient Silk Road No garden this, this actually leads to a restaurant in the Caravansarai I did not buy the 'halva' (fudge) due to my sugar problem It just gets more interesting- a store selling local musical instruments An ancient monastery next to my hotel in Sheki Mothers out with their children in the Sheki historic market This relatively clean and quiet section sells honey and other things indicated by the sign The son of the aubergine stall lady was very amused as well! Another mother with her son in the Sheki market At the fringe vendors sell goods straight out of their cars- fresh onions here Although I have zoomed fully, one of the ladies looks at me suspiciously I was taking more river pictures because some people were coming onto the bridge now On the long unsealed road to Lahic village near Ismailli Ancient Lahic village simply seems to go on and on
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