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Toyota ute, South Africa 2017-05-03_17-39-35_IMG_0356-02_q75_s15 2017-05-03_17-38-28_IMG_0354-01_q75_s10 Video: a village elder plays the flute outside the Khansarai A closer view of the Tklapi on sale Niva- the 4WD vesrion of the Lada Juma Mosque in Shemakha Video- the blacksmith and his assistant hard at work Video: Another video of the village elder playing the flute An ancient church near the Khansarai now a museum Tklapi (made from fruit puree) for sale on the way to Shemakha The roadside vendor also had pickled vegetables We stopped here for a cob of boiled corn Boiled corn cob- I prefer the toasted variety Corn and pickled vegetables by the side of the highway My guide had a spot of trouble getting in due to his bermudas Beautiful mosaic work inside the Juma Mosque Beautiful dome/ ceiling detail in the Juma Mosque The mosaic work was to die for Cavernous interior of the Juma Mosque in Shemakha Ramparts of probably the original mosque I was testing the zoom capabilities with a couple of humble rock doves The zoom of the Nikon P900 was surprisingly good Remnants of earlier versions of this mosque A selfie- the current mosque is actually a recent reconstruction The history of the mosque- but not quite all of it Overview of the Yeddi Gumbaz Mausoleum The Yeddi Gumbaz Mausoleum is actually a series of structures For a change, these are actual graves, unlike what we've seen thus far Graves in the foreground as well
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