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Weather-Proofing the House

Weather-Proofing the House

Panorama taken behind our house in our backyard/garden showing the weather-proofing (more like "weather-resisting") we did yesterday for the winter. The boards across the windows are necessary to prevent the snow from the roof from curling over the overhang and breaking the glass. The snow on the ground is all that's left of the snowfall a couple of days ago and fell from the roof into a nice pile on the ground. If we never cleared the snow, it would end up to be about two to three meters in depth by the end of the snowy season (April of next year).

We apply insulation to the windows from the inside of the house as well. All of the insulation and boards make the interior very dark and gloomy...

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Photo taken on 1 November 2017 (© sjrankin / Flickr)

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