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Veteran Geyser (9 August 2011) 2

Veteran Geyser (9 August 2011) 2

Veteran Geyser, north-central Back Basin, southern Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone Hotspot, northwestern Wyoming, USA on 9 August 2011. (looking ~SSW)

This multivent geyser consists of a moderately large central crater walled by whitish-gray geyserite (siliceous sinter) that is overhanging in places. Just to the south of the crater is a moderately small vent (the “main vent”), surrounded by pale yellowish- to cream-colored geyserite. Most eruptive activity occurs there. Small splashing eruptions are nearly perpetual. Some geyser spouts here reach 50 feet high. The central crater fills with water during episodes of significant geyser activity.

Another vent occurs below an eroded, overhanging geyserite ledge outside the northwestern margin of the central crater. When active, that vent ejects water at a low angle.

Veteran Geyser water is essentially neutral to slightly acidic and near-boiling hot.

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Photo taken on 15 December 2012 (© James St. John / Flickr)

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