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the gang pose, scott richard


peanut butter jelly

one of my goal's in life is to promote positive body and sex resolution for "individuals."

when i was a kid, they made us read the book BRAVE NEW WORLD. and i thought it was a weird book.
but also very underhanded in a way that i thought might work.

i was never really sure why they wanted us to read it.
or why a group of adults would put it onto a reading list for california kids.

but they did.
and so we read it.
at least at the school i went to -- oh how many librarians i'd interacted with by this time!!! all the schools i'd been a student at...

the book opens inside a laboratory facility that i now feel has come to life in all the dream work theory of campus-like community and open floor plan spacious corporate fantasy.
and in this laboratory facility children were grown in glass bottles.

they were caste into existence.
smarter ones were made.
ones that had almost no mental capabilities were manufactured as well.

each caste fulfilled three separate missions:


but then it gets weird, right!?
and here's the part where i'm like, "REALLY guys? i mean a chick fks THREE dudes and we're supposed to talk about what?!"

i mean, who writes a story about that and then pretends to cover it up with suicide?

that's just crazy sht!!!

weirdly, i guess i just thought, fk that shit, that part of the story sucks unless you go all political metaphor on it. it works then, but if you do that, you see that it's a nazi - anti-semetism story versus the "native populations" story.

and that's not only bleak and foreshadowing of the world in which huxley lived -- the story was written in 1932 -- but it also destroys the far seen visions and miracles of the world in which this "brave new world" takes place.

so i chucked all the "disfigured less-than-human hunchback", "elite superior homosapien" and the "broken ID complex" and thought,

"but what if we can just ditch these losers and jettison out into this world on our own?
you know, ditch the storyline and make a run for it in a manner we might now call TIM BURTON STYLE, a type of plagiarism that is so foundational as to be reinvigorating and explosive."

so when the tour of the BABY FACTORY ended in the book, i nipped off from the crowd and hid behind a row of betas in bottles stewing away until i could figure out my escape into this new society.

in my own mind, it was a bit of a heaven.
imagine -- culture and order and ease of commitment.

you were caste to be what you were.
rebellion was a "mental disorder" that had been cured by proper breeding tactics.

and these breeding tactics got rid of the BIGGEST criminals on the planet -- mothers and fathers.

so that was righteous.

anyway, the story runs away with itself and the after effects for the three different kind of men who fk the same women.

she does fine as i recall, only doing what all the women in her position would do. she is the norm, they are the aberration.
she follows the codes and fits in.
they are outside the codes and doomed to failure, none more so than the sacrificial ignorance of the noble savage.

but, the body positivity in this construct was supposed to be perfect. the misformed man is an accident and his misformation is hard for the whole society to bear and recognize. they would rather shut him away and see him disappear.

whereas the body positivity of the idealized man is overbearing and radiates to the point of contrast and separation.

it's hard not to admit that the hanging scene at the end of the story is so cinematic as to beg the question WHY THE FCK hasn't anyone made movies about this yet?

is it banned?

but all that aside, my prurient interests in body positivity are not about pornography or aesthetics.

my beliefs are that any PERSON who accepts their body construct and focuses on this truth, will begin to radiate. and that it is the radiation of our truth which is attractive and finds a place in the eyes of others.

so my shots of the folsom street fair are in order with this body positivity, this COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY notion of existence and friendliness to and for others.

the fair itself is much more ribald than my shots let on, but you can go see that for yourself.
i hope what you can see from my shots of the fair is the openness and the honesty that radiates from people who are comfortable in their own skin.
even if only for one day.

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Photo taken on 21 September 2014 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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