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Studies of Yuba

Rhodie, best composed, but one of us moved... IMG_2916

July Weather

Oscura leaps after the cat toy-on-a-string-on-a-stick - Context IMG_0048_

tri-colored heron bird St. Augustine Alligator Farm Rookery Florida

Cocker spaniel dog sitting on a deck

A seated angel (unusually, seen from behind): 16th C. choir stall carving, the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame (Collégiale Notre-Dame), Le Puy-Notre-Dame, Anjou, France


touch me

Picture on wall by Back To The Street [Paris 10e]

Cul d'Art


REPOSTING -- donald trump's visible support team & the descending global-corporate war, scott richard

Village fete (11)

Photographing the photographer - Foufounes Électriques


Birmingham Back to Backs

Stone pier

Citroen Normale

Time for a little colour! 2

Melting Pond

2015-01-06 Schliersee, Josefstaler Wasserfälle 080

Silverback Gorilla closeup at Fort Worth Zoo


2013 Volkswagen GTI Autobahn

eyes in the back of your head : tattoo, san francisco (2013)


Oh Snap They re Back Minions - Despicable Me 2 - Movie Poster Billboard 1594

sh-AR-k-T attack ?

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