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Laika Enjoying Winter near Mont-Tremblant | Canada Hello? DSC_8675 holiday maize christmas pup Exasperated - the turkey is just out of reach Camp Augusta Snow brings a whole new kind of fun. Socializing the puppy 27102016-IMG_5867 27102016-IMG_5628 08052016-IMG_3855 08052016-IMG_3907 Laika and Bewitched Statue | Salem, MA Laika Vacationing @ Ocean House, Rhode Island Doglet in clover Doglet in clover Jamie Happy Laika on Golf Course Keeping the herd together. 11122016-IMG_1709 coming into focus coming into focus Anthony und Jamie Dingo the Aussie pup Dingo the Aussie pup Laika Hiking in Arden Point, NY Dingo - Relax Dingo - Sept 2016 - Zoooom! Jamie
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