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Ford EB Falcon Sales Brochure Ba Be, Nth Vietnam Clara Lightburn Cement Mixer Lightburn Cement Mixer Hooded Plover Semaphore - South Australia loco SAR F187 in platform (sc1269) 1953 Mile End Loco Depot - South Australia South Australian Railways  500 class No. 502  - loco SAR 502 without side valence    (dac9018) New Zealand Fur Seal 180627-F-SX095-096 JMP_1587 Colonial Bank of Australasia, Echuca, Victoria Ford EB Falcon Sales Brochure Outback Jacks A small vintage trailer c.1956 Grange - South Australia loco SAR F class on passenger train in station - 800 class cars (sb2801) c.1955 Port Adelaide - South Australia loco SAR F249 with passenger cars - another loco SAR F class with cars alongside - possible Cheltenham race trains (sb2397) 29.1.1955 Parklands - Port Adelaide line - near Bowden - South Australia loco SAR F183 with a train for Semaphore (sb1862) 24.8.1952 Glanville - South Australia loco SAR F169 with train heading to Semaphore with 800 class cars (sb0043) JMP_4580- photo Julian Meehan 20190119-DSC04193 Australian Open Tag 2: Siegemud ringt zweimalige Turniersiegerin nieder JMP_9626 JMP_9731 JMP_0532 JMP_0569 Carina Garland - Victorian Trades Hall Council JMP_1206 AU War Memorial, Canberra View from Mount Ainslie lookout (the Government buildings in the distance, Anzac Parade and the War Museum), AU War Memorial, Canberra Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila fucosa) illustrated from A Synopsis of the Birds of Australia and the Adjacent Islands (1837) by John Gould (1804-1881).
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