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1974 Ford F250

1974 Ford F250

This was my Dads 1974 Ford F250 Truck. He bought it new at Byrt Ford in Wollongong , New South Wales , Australia and sold it in Melbourne , Victoria , Australia in the late 1990s. I have been searching for it for the last few years .. with no luck. I have so many memories associated with that old truck that I would love to see her again. It was like a part of the family. My 3 younger sisters even learned to drive in it . Dad is gone now ... And I know that realisticaly the old truck has probably gone to that great (Chinese) breakers yard in the sky... But I live in hope that I may see her again oneday ? If by chance... you should come across her ?... I would sure appreciate it , If you would drop me a line....

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Photo taken on 6 January 2019 (© Sholing Uteman / Flickr)

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