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Ford Zephyr Mk.2 Ute (1961) Oh what fun !!! Port Authority PD Chevy Caprice Austin 1800 Ute (1969) Austin 1800 Ute (1969) 27102016-IMG_5867 27102016-IMG_5628 Who can resist that look? Aussie Racing Cars - Crash2 08052016-IMG_3855 08052016-IMG_3907 Laika and Bewitched Statue | Salem, MA Anthony und Jamie Laika Hiking in Arden Point, NY Laika Vacationing @ Ocean House, Rhode Island DSC_0523 Happy Laika on Golf Course Laika in Greenport, Long Island NY Laika Enjoying Breeze in Cotton Field Laika in Milan Parkway Drive XXXII Parkway Drive XXIX Parkway Drive XXVI Parkway Drive XV Parkway Drive VIII Parkway Drive VII Laika playing on Golf Course in Manchester, VT Laika Posing in the Porch of Taconic Hotel, Vermont My Faithful Friend Foul Bay doesn't deserve its name ;)
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