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The night is still young

Stoa of Attalos - Στοά του Αττάλου

Stadion Panateński

zebra love

Terracotta figurine of a kouros.

Miniature skyphoi

Temple of Poseidon, Sounion

Athens: Legacy of Hephaestus

Parthenon, East Frieze, Slab 4 (Gods)

Old Yellow

From a bird's point of view

Athens National Park - Greece

Mets kitteh on my route home 365/289 #2017PAD

no new enemies


Metaxourgeio Festival of Colors

Metaxourgeio Carnival

Move in from the dark

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Peribatodes correptaria

October Street Art 01

Image taken from page 267 of '[Greece, pictorial, descriptive, and historical, with upwards of three hundred and fifty engravings by Copley Fielding, etc.]'


Don't feed the anti-riot Police

Koulouri (Greek sesame bread) in Athens, Greece...

All He Needs is a Rain-Strewn Window


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