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Autumn Serenity Fall Reflections A Harbinger of Winter Summer Skies THROUGH THE TREES - meme Twin Lakes GREAT WALL BUILDING FOR IDIOTS - I'M HUGE - YOU'RE STUPID | 190917-1010371-jikatu Aspen | 190916-1010172-jikatu October on the South Upper Truckee River Autumn Splendor Blaze of Autumn Flowers in Aspen | 190917-1010381-jikatu Aspen Lane, Sierra Nevada 10-19 Trout Hunter, Weir Lake, Sierra Nevada, CA 10-19 Marron Bells | 190916-1010251-jikatu To Tunnel Creek Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park Fall Spice, Lake Tahoe, California After the storm at North Lake Autumn Drive Independence Pass | 190915-1010169-jikatu Independence Pass | 190915-1010141-jikatu Waterfall House, Bishop Creek Canyon, CA 10-19 Route Denver to Aspen | 190915-1010127-jikatu Route Denver to Aspen | 190915-1010121-jikatu Abandoned Farmhouse Eyes Out in the Aspen Grove Clouds over Aspen | 190917-1010307-jikatu On my way to Aspen | 190915-1010136-jikatu On my way to Aspen | 190915-1010129-jikatu
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