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In my garden A lone tree in a landscape Ida Bagus Gerya Thor with his hammer (Black & White) Geria, Mas (Indonesia) Geria, Mas (Indonesia) Long exposure, in fantastic Pandora, World of Avatar White Great Egret minimalist A great view, from the Mirador Spike, EPCOT's little lovable honey bee Holiday in New Orleans. Mardi Gras decoration. Great Sky ! Rusty stuff, at the Harambe bikes shop Strange encounter, at Pandora, World of Avatar Spring in Virginia Colorful Classic Cars waiting for tourists Reflection, in the pound at the EPCOT China Pavilion Many beautiful colours, Flower & Garden Festival Amazing fountain Mittens, Monument Valley (United States) Summer ! Lock, our love Key to the locksmith Baby stork in the nest. A different city-scape panorama of Manhattan Ancient Diagonal lines, at the Hotel Plaza, La Habana (Cuba) Delicious Fresh Home-Made Fruit Salad Drying Barn in a Tobacco Farm
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