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Shanghai Confucian Temple, Shanhghai, China Wakai village Schrein Fushimi Inari Laos 2007 Otsjanep feathers Otsjanep feathers Omanasep / Desep: bringing the tree to onto the shore Transporting the tree downriver - the canoes Yarkand Kersik Tua house ad washing line A monk at work Cambodia - Tonle Sap Colors of Shanghai Cambodia - Battambang City Market Koneswaram Guzheng Park in Shanghai Khiva: at the North Wall The tiles of Shah-i-Zinda Rooftop guardians? Camels of Karakorum Guiyang night Snack cart Controlling the pig Miao smile At Kumtepa market Darvaza - the second crater - the pigeons play in the updrafts Khast Imom afternoon In the Khan Madraseh Family outing Mai Chau landscape
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