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0016 R Moćnik-bursa sv. Marcele, Asela i Ambrozija (8 st.) Riznica župne crkve u Ninu.NIN Reliquien-Bursa der hl. Marcella, Aselus und Ambrosius (8. Jh. ) Schatzkammer der Pfarrkirche von Nin  Reliquary purse of SS. Marcella, Aselus and Ambroseu (8th c.) The big old tree... Behind you... A Lotus...standing out tall Sunset in Giritale Endless River Dinel Parents and Me Us again Middle of Nowhere Solitude Around and Around Dim lit Bark Lean on me Gaze Gona Trip Pictures 122 Trip Pictures 114 Resting... image002 Lion Trip Pictures 071 Moonlight Funny Angles Image (1964) Image (1992) Trinity Parade Traditional Oil Lamp Burning wick Blaze
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