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105mm US Field Howitzer M101 A1 Royal Artillery Park (Halifax) Porvoo Artillery Memorial U.S. Marines conduct a reload of an M777 Howitzer during a fire mission on Schofield Barracks Oppmøte til repetisjonsøvelse - Artilleriregiment 3 (1964) Batterie de l'Eperon Parapet Tranchée U.S. Marines fire the M777 Howitzer during the Artillery Relocation Training Program 19.3 Turkish Gun Vintage Weapons | Antique Cannon 191012-M-EC058-2111 Be aware 28-366 Calshot Castle, Calshot, Southampton, Hampshire 155mm HE Artillery Shell. Jap[anese] artillery in manoeuvres (LOC) 09_03106  Artillery: WWI Aviation-Related Photos taken in France, c. 1914-1917 Batterie de l'Eperon Batterie de l'Eperon Batterie de l'Eperon Abri 191015-M-HB658-2184 The Guns of War U.S. Marines observe Philippine Marines fire M102 105 mm howitzers during exercise KAMANDAG 3 Arrival of 2-138 at Shoemaker Field, 11Oct69 - Copy A Btry Photos001 A Btry Photos006 A Btry Photos An Army pilot guides in a CH-47 Chinook to the landing zone
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