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Silver pitcher in the form of a woman's head Gräberstraße of Ambrakia Gräberstraße of Ambrakia Gräberstraße of Ambrakia Faience(?) hedgehog(?) from a domestic cult context Symposium vessels, and a mosaic from an andron Cinerary urn and lead cover Burial in a limestone sarcophagus from the necropoleis of Ambracia Display of graves from the necropoleis of Ambracia Terracotta figurines of dancers Terracotta votive plaque of a reclining bearded hero with offering table Large terracotta bust of a female figure (deity?) Bronze finds, including miniature bull figurines Finds from the Molossian city of Orraon in Epirus Bronze figurines Terracottas representing the goddess Athena Plastered limestone Ionic column capital Red Figure pelike showing a youth attended by Nikai Red Figure pelike with opposed woman and man wearing a pilos Inscribed stone stelae of public character SEG 35.665: detail LG imports Iron Age/Geometric finds from the later site of Ambracia (Arta) Sant Antoni a Artà (2013) The Bridge of Arta Crossing the Bridge of Arta Summits Old pier Can our love... Top of the world
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 greece, bridge, mallorca, romania, art, river, spain, epirus, stone, majorca
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