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Luminescent Grasshopper Vintage tools Tunnel vision Looking close...on Friday ! - Make-up PAINTING THE SKY (PEINDRE LE CIEL) Vintage Hartford Connecticut - Mark Twain House and Museum - Historic Architecture Hartford Connecticut ~ Municipal Building Atrium ~ Historical Building Agnieszka v135 Your Home misses You Too when you're Away The descend - Oculus, New York City Black Satin Nevada - Las Vegas: Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health - another architectural highlight in Vegas (designed by Frank Gehry) bang pu bw A Beautiful Sunset Above Mount Sill in The Eastern Sierra. Spielerei Great Horned Owl (Bubo Virginianus) With Its Mesmerizing Stare Soft halftones Celestial Dream Obereversand Shadowy figures - New York City St Helena  -  Morris Silverman House - 412 N Rodney Street - Historic Mansion St Helena Montana -   Former Montana Executive Mansion - Governors Mansion Salt Lake City - Utah - Sea Gull Monument  - Historic Sculpture and fountain in a lake in Muang Boran in Samut Phrakan, Thailand The face Backyard Flowers In Black And White 79 Lexington Kentucky - Old Fayette County Courthouse - Now The Pavillion Inside the Oculus - WTC, New York City Alleyway Graffiti No 3
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