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Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

Before I have all the astro nerds jump all over me the milkway is from another image and would not normally be seen in this area at this time of day and year. On the way in we stopped as the group wanted to take pictures of twilight sky, as by the time we reached the location it would be too light to capture any stars.

It seems these days its very popular to composite in night sky images from other or the same locations at different times into your image.

I have never done this but I thought I'd join the crowd. I decided to go with a day/night inspiration for this image and layered in the twilight sky, shot on the way in, but I felt it needed a little more ummph. So i took a milky-way image from another location and tried to make it that early morning blue hour washed out look.

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Photo taken @ Page on 10 September 2018 (© CEBImagery.com / Flickr)

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