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Snag and Moon

Tucson Twilight Panorama

Looking down crevice at Thimble Peak

And If Guilty's the Question, Truth is the Answer

Power of The Desert


Eagle Point

Guano Point

Desert Forest

Arizona Monnsoon Thunderstorm

Detail of Steel Sculpture by Heloise Crista

I Can't Feel Anything

natural force

Toroweap Overlook

Desert Backlighting

Saguaro Detail

Winslow, AZ

Tucson Skies

Spiny Barrels

Tree and cactus

Ocotillos frame the Catalinas

Three little flowers

Path to Tucson's light

Arizona Power

Ghost Rider Storm

Heart Of Earth 2019


Where They Hid Bush on 9/11 - Nebraska

Roll the Credits

Raptor at Rest

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