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“But in every matter it behooves us to mark well the end: for oftentimes God gives men a gleam of happiness, and then plunges them into ruin.” ―Solon the Wise 🍃 💦 City of Willams Autocar plow (2) heat by any other name Antelope Canyon, Arizona Proofs of Multiple Mark's (Saguaro National Park) Grocery store of a polygamist town on the Arizona-Utah border Digital Impasto Painting of Dorsey Spring by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Dixie--Lupton, Arizona Femme au foyer It Was Everything He Ever Knew ? Glenn Hamer, Doug Ducey & Michael Crow Holbrook falling water Sedona Landscape to be in the pink of health What a Morning to Enjoy a Hike While Walking the Douglas Spring and then Garwood Trail (Saguaro National Park) “No, where are you really from?” ―Zara Rahman road to nowhere V (USA) Side-Blotched Lizard catching some rays Storm clouds Sunshine on Cactus Barbecue Welcome to Distrito ~ sepia Grand Canyon - South Rim View From The Trolly Last Light Machettes Hoover Dam A Hillside of Saguaro and Prickly Pear Cactus
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