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On Fire

Violet-green Swallow

Vermillion Flycatcher (immature)

Monument Valley at Sunset

Red Feather Lodge

His New Ride

Each Day Bleeding Into the Next

warning sign

Fine for Now

Westernaire Motel

Prickly Pear Tunas

Relax Inn

I'm On Your Side


Desert Cholla

Common Sotol on Haystack Butte Road, AZ


Ron Adler

A Number of Factors

McDowell Mountains

Mountain Trail in Desert Landscape

Linarite, Arizona

Monument Valley

And If Guilty's the Question, Truth is the Answer

Setting full moon over Saguaro Cacti, San Pedro River Valley, AZ

Saguaro cactus with a rainbow, San Pedro River Valley, AZ

Guano Point

Arizona Monnsoon Thunderstorm

North Rim - Grand Canyon National Park

Power of The Desert

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