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Has anyone been here? Of all the little side hikes we do on our river trips, Elves Chasm is one of my favorites! There’s a great little poem in the Vaugh Short book “Raging River, Lonely Trail” about this place that I like to read each time we visit. #gra In the Wash (Closeup) In the Wash Rod's Steak House Caliche clifts near High Mesa, San Pedro River Valley, Arizona yavapai sunrise 1 Bull with many Jumping Cholla Cactus (Cylindropuntia fulgida - Chain-fruit Cholla) segments on his sides; Badlands Page Arizon Page Arizon Page Arizon Page Arizon Page Arizon Tunnel Desert Basement Biosphere Ocean Inside the Lung Biosphere Tower Power Station Aquaponics in the Desert Circle Pattern Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) Rain Forest Rain Forest 3 Tower From the Inside Rain Forest 2 Desert South Lung This Way Desert Mountains Yellow Wall
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