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Back at Lago Verde

Back at Lago Verde

Argentina. Patagonia.
Chubut Province.
Los Alerces National Park.

Los Alerces National Park is made of a complex lake system, with two main sources: one starting out on the northwest, by the Cisne (Swan) Lake, which waters come from the Navarro and Alejandro Rivers. The Cisne Lake connects with the Menendez Lake, one of the biggest of the park, and then the Menéndez drains into a small one, the Verde (Green) Lake through the Menéndez River rapids. On the Verde Lake the two watersheds meet, the other one is coming from Rivadavia Lake, north of the national park, which waters come from the Tiger (Tiger) River, previously passing by the Cholila Lake.
read more about the park here: www.tierraspatagonicas.com/en/los-alerces-national-park/

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Photo taken @ Lago Verde on 20 November 2016 (© Linda DV (away) / Flickr)

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