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Oregon Trail - Echo Meadows

Oregon Trail - Echo Meadows

When travelers along the Oregon Trail began using a more direct route to The Dallas from the Umatilla Crossing, Echo Meadows became a rest stop to prepare for the windy, hot, and dusty trek to Butter Creek and Wells Spring. Some chose to camp here based on the availability of feed for livestock. Some remarked the grass was “hip-high to a horseman.”

The sandy sagebrush covered interpretive site is a fair representation of what emigrants encountered in late spring and early fall after crossing the Umatilla river. The interpretive site is a stark reminder of what the Columbia River plain was like before water was pumped form the ground. A trace of the trail is barely discernible in nearby farm fields where thousands of wagons compacted the soil.

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Photo: Lisa McNee, BLM, June 3, 2018

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Photo taken on 3 June 2018 (© BLM Oregon & Washington / Flickr)

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