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Tell Bismaya (38SNA612860) Tell al-Jela'a (38SNA568841) Tulul Abu Fatas? (38RNA640375) Tulul Abu Fatas? (38RNA640375) Tell Sukheri (38RNA513324) Moukha Al-Zeblijah (Zibliyat) (NA 102 730) Tall Abu-Salabih (Tell Abu Salabikh) Tall Abu-Salabih (Tell Abu Salabikh) Vicinity of Tall Nahla? (38SMA723548) Al-Hillah and Babil Governorate Yarmuk Bridge No. 1 Kirkuk River Qazah Chai Rajil Kite 12, Rajil Kite 2, Rajil Kite 14 Re-discovery of Castell y Bere in Llanfihangel-y-Pennant in the Dysynni Valley Port Said & Canal Zone. Port Said. Air view, looking northward to the sea Loukou: Roman aqueduct bridge 16, base of pier, looking NW Sumela Monastery Resafa - city wall detail Palace of the Emir, Amman Necròpolis del Puig des Molins. Quweismeh Mausoleum Elphin, Scourie and Ullapool Umm Qeis/ Gadara Jarash - water wheel reconstruction Qasr el-Al Sanctuary of Zeus, Dodona: theater, looking W Surveying in the sun Jarash - Bishop Isaiah Church Amman Citadel Orraon
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